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Helen blickt auf fast 30 Jahre Yoga Erfahrung zurück. Sie hat während einer 10-jährigen Weltreise schon „überall“ unterrichtet und sich vielfältig weitergebildet u.a. in Indien, Bali, Griechenland, Großbritannien und Jordanien. Ihre Yoga-Stunden sind voller Energie und Kraft und getrieben von Leidenschaft und Hingabe. Helen verbindet spirituelle Aspekte (Mantras, Chanten), Yoga-Philosophie, Pranayama, Asanas & mit ihren persönlichen Erfahrungen zu einer ganzheitlichen und begeisternden Yoga-Praxis. Sie verbindet Tradition und Moderne, kombiniert verschiedene Stile und macht so jede Stunde zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis. Als gebürtige Britin unterrichtet sie auf Englisch.

What are you particularly good at?

Helen: I have…
… trained as an Alignment Hatha Yoga teacher in 2007 in London & then went onto study the Anusara method of yoga teaching in UK, Bali and Thailand, becoming an Anusara Inspired teacher. My love & yearning for yoga took me on a journey to learn more about myself & experience sharing my passion all over the world. I became an on the road yogi for 8 years, mainly spending my time in Indian, Thailand & Europe. India gave me my connection to the heart of yoga & a deep love of Bhakti Yoga (mantra). I spent a lot of time in Ashrams, Satsangs & spiritual communities learning & growing & then ready to share with new groups through retreats & trainings I was offering. I am a native English speaker, originally from Yorkshire, the north of England & my classes are all in English, a little Deutsch can be spoken when needed. My classes now draw on my aspects of yoga & I am attached to no one particularly style, but share what is current in my own practice. I am also passionate about uplifting women to come into their own creative essence & power, away from old school patriarchy.

What does be yogi mean to you?

Helen: I feel…
… to „Be Yogi“ takes a deep sense of humility, takes time to look deeper at yourself, your thoughts & your actions, to be a better human & a better, happier, kinder human to other humans. BEING Yogi one must learn self-discipline, connect on a deeper level to yourself, nature, other beings & free your mind from negative outside influences. This journey is eternal & not something you accomplish overnight or on the mat. Being Yogi begins on the Mat & ends off the mat, in the outside world. To BE Yogi it is not about what you look like or how well you can do physical postures but how big your heart shines out to the world & how much you can offer yourself in loving service to the Divine & to the greater good of all. This is not a job but a lifelong journey to know yourself & others deeply, learning to listen & connect in presence.

What do you do at be yogi?

Helen: I can…
… share authentically from my heart, I can play the harmonium & offer mantras in classes & I love to take you on a playful creative journey of physical movements on the mat & weave in poetry, sound & other instruments into a deep sense of presence & calm. I can combine many styles & breath work into a class, allowing it to be fun yet deep. I can also give you very connecting assists & touch in Savasana as I am a very hands teacher & Osteothai practitioner.

What is your favourite mantra?

Helen: I speak…
… the Maha Mantra, „Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna Hare Hare“, my deep love & service offered to Radha und Krishna.

What else would you like to say to the world?

Helen: I know…
… that through the practice of Yoga & other healing arts & mantra you will always make a positive impact & make small changes to one another, your home, community which then will ripple into wider society & the world. I know more people practising yoga will uplift the vibration of human beings & the planet.

What’s missing…

… transparency, truly looking out for & being in service to one another & helping one another rise up, not in individualistic way but rising together. Recognizing each others unique gifts.

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